Unlock Microsoft Teams’ Superpowers through TeLavi CONNECT!

With TeLavi CONNECT, you can now bring all users under one collaboration platform by using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging and voice across all devices.


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TeLavi CONNECT is a simple cloud service add-on to Office 365 that connects Microsoft Teams to any on Prem or Cloud PBX in minutes allowing making and receiving calls on any device using the Microsoft Teams App.

With TeLavi CONNECT, you can now bring all users under one collaboration platform by using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging and voice across all devices

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TeLavi CONNECT Value Proposition

All these features in one powerful platform!


Make and receive calls, chat, meet, share files and work with business apps.


Make and receive work calls from your phone system wherever you are.


Integrates any existing PBX to Microsoft Teams meaning you can keep your existing phone system and handsets and all the features you rely on.


Get end-to-end security, administrative control and compliance - all powered by Office 365.

for PBX

Connect Microsoft Teams users to your current PBX System to enable Voice Calls in minutes, no hardware or software required

  • Teams users get to make and receive calls just like on their existing desk phone.
  • Use the Teams softphone on your mobile or desktop application, no complex VPNs to manage.
  • Easily integrate with most known PBX brands.


Connect SIP Trunks directly into Microsoft Teams in minutes, enabling you to keep your existing voice provider with lines, numbers and call bundles

  • TeLavi Connect allows Service Providers to connect their trunks to Microsoft Teams users
  • Operates as a pure multi-tenant Cloud service, meaning no hardware or software overhead for the customer

Benefits of

Full Teams Experience
  • Add calling to teams to increase productivity
  • Work on desktop and mobile to free your workforce
  • The native Teams calling experience is familiar to users
Simple Deployment
  • No hardware or software to install
  • Only need to enable the solution for users and groups that need it
Enterprise level Service
  • Global infrastructure in Microsoft Azure
  • Round the clock monitoring and support
  • Enterprise grade encryption and security built-in
Highly Inter-Operable
  • Integrates with any PABX System
  • Freedom to retain existing IP Phones and legacy systems

What Customers Say


I have been using Microsoft Teams for years now and when I tried Telavi Connect to make and receive calls through the app, I was mind-blown! It’s so easy to use and the voice clarity is superb!

-James Richard

Works perfectly with the industry-leading brands in the world!


The Ultimate Voice Solution that combines the Power of UC AND TEAMS Collaboration

It brings Microsoft to life

  • Voice enabled collaboration increases productivity by 50%
  • 80% of employee time is spent collaborating and 62% is spent on business phone calls, Telavi Connectintegrates both platforms for a more seamless business communication
  • Business goals are more quickly achieved when people enjoy working together

Preserves the current voice investment

  • Current voice platforms deliver wide-range business services to many types of users
  • Leveraging the current investment to power Office 365 saves on disruptive, new costly infrastructure and services
  • Microsoft Teams integration with current business processes can multiply the benefits of collaboration and integration

Simplified IT in the Cloud delivers flexibility

  • Increase working flexibility and efficiency - 80% of workers will be working remotely by 2021
  • Reduce the number of applications needed for users
  • Lower support costs and higher productivity

Ready to try TeLavi CONNECT?

  • Redefine how your current voice platform is used
  • Telavi Connect can be evaluated without disruption
  • Discover the boost your team workers get from a new way of collaboration